CF608 semi-feeding crawler combine harvester

The CF608 semi-feeding crawler combine harvester with high reliability, low loss and low crushing rate is a multi-function type mainly for rice.



Advanced threshing system

– The cutter blades are made of special materials, sharp, efficient and 400 hours of trouble-free.
– Cutting width is 1.5 meters and the height range of cutting platform is larger, which can meet the harvesting requests of late japonica rice, super rice and other varieties of rice.The performance of havesting the lodging crops is excellent.

-Fan speed step less adjustable, when harvesting the crops, just to adjust the most suitable air volume according to the crop type, crop yield, crop humidity and so on, by which greatly improve the cleanliness.

-The extra shaking grass structure of threshing system effectively separates the grain in the stem impurities and reduce the entrainment loss.

-The Changfa self-developed augers, using the special material and technology, are more durable to have a working life of 800h.

-Large diameter auger makes the efficient and outstanding conveying capacity by 30% compared with competitors.

Efficient straw returning

-The straw cutter with imported blades works trouble-free of 500h.

-C transmission belt for straw cutting is more efficient and trouble-free of 300h.

Strong Power, Stable and Reliable

-Equipped with the large capacity fuel tank of 70L to meet the long time operation requirements.

-Changfa standard IIdiesel engine 72hp leads to high efficiency and low fuel consumption.

Strong Walking Performance

-The straddle structure makes the chasis more stable.

-Using 37CC infinite speed HST turns to be more flexible and faster in steering.

-Using the 90×48×450 crawler ensures the service life of 1000 hours.

-The minimum clearance from ground is 200 mm, performing better especially in wet and muddy fields.

Convenient Grain Unloading System

-The large capacity of 1m3 of unloading will Significantly improved the working efficiency.





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