CF865 Full-feeding Track-type Combine Harvester

CF865 is a full-feeding track-type combine harvester independently designed and produced by Changfa. It has high working efficiency, excellent threshing and cleaning performance with low grain breakage ratio. Specified upgrades has been made for cross-regional operation, and it can also harvest rape, soybean, maize and so on



Flexible Operation and Super Endurance

-It is equipped with a 120HP engine as standard,which has sufficient torque reserve and increased reserve power; it has strong power with a low fuel consumption.

-A 200-Liter fuel tank is adopted to meet the demand of long-term harvesting work, guaranteeing a whole-day working request for cross-regional operators.

-Integrated steering and lifting handle of the grain unloading auger makes the operation more convenient.

-The optimization of CF865’s center of gravity is more reasonable to achieve flexible harvesting work.

Not Afraid of Muddy Fields and Lodging

-A 45CC large-displacement HST is adopted to guarantee a safe and reliable operation, and flexible steering.

-Upgraded CF70 gearbox with higher reliability leads to a faster working speed and more efficient harvesting. The ground clearance reaches 380mm with a great passing ability.

-CF865 is equipped with flexible teeth, and we optimized the header and feeding angle to gain a more reasonable harvesting posture, and the harvesting effect of lodging crops is improved.

-We optimized the speed ratio of cutter and header auger,achieving a fast harvesting and smooth feeding.

Efficient cleaning and collecting

-The gap between the spike tooth concave plate is adjustable from 9-25mm, and the threshing is cleaner.

-Optimized air flowing improves the cleaning ability, and upgrades the cleaning efficiency.

-The vibrating screen is optimized, the cleaning area is larger, reducing the throwing effectively.

-1.5 m3 large grain tank can reduce the times of grain discharging, improving the working efficiency.

Efficient Cleaning and Collecting

-The flip-up threshing side shield makes cleaning and maintenance more convenient.

-The center of gravity position of the chassis frame reserves a round pipe for jack, which is convenient for users to maintain.

-The water tank and the intercooler are reasonably placed, and the hydraulic oil can be cleaned up by opening the water tank guard, which is convenient for cleaning and effectively prevents high temperature.

– Cream color light canopy is installed in right height to ventilate and prevent sunshine.

-Reserve the canopy fan and dust suction fan joint to prevent heatstroke,cool down, and exhaust dust, improving the working environment.

-Insulation cotton is attached to the driver’s seat baffle, and a sound guide is added to the exhaust pipe to protect the health of the operator.

-Optional:Spacious space cabin to gain a comfortable operation.

-It adopts Changfa-brand air conditioner with good cooling effect and strong cold air.

Reliability and High Quality

-Changfa self-made track, 1000 hours without failure, has two-year warranty. Optional: high-tooth track to gain a better adaptability and passability in rotten fields.

-Changfa independently R&D auger blades is made of special materials, specially strengthened and optimized design, with a service life of 800 hours, which is reliable and durable.

-The main driving belts for walking, threshing, and header use the combined belt with higher transmission efficiency. And the auger belt is two-stage transmission, which greatly improves the life of the whole machine.

-Threshing teeth are made of special materials with higher strengthen,which can avoid deformation and fracture.

-The driving wheel and guide skid are made of special materials, with a service life of more than 1000 hours, greatly reducing the cost of use.

-Feeding guide plates are made of special materials, which is super wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant. It can be used worry-freely over 600 hours.


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