Changfa 2ZG-6Y High Speed Ride Transplanter

Changfa 2ZG-6Y high-speed type transplanter, equipped with imported 18.5kW (25 horsepower)high-power diesel engine, reliable quality, abundant power, fast planting speed, good planting effect, bowl seedling can be accurately planted; high ground clearance, many optional functions,strong loading capacity, good anti-fall effect, strong ability to pass the field, suitable for all kinds of wet muddy field.It is the ideal type of rice planting operation.



Powerful and Efficient Operation

-Equipped with yanmar 18.5kW (25 horsepower) high power diesel engine。sufficient power and stable quality.

-Equipped with 34L large capacity oil tank to meet the operation requirements of the day, which effectively improves the efficiency of the operation.

-Well designed rotary mechanism, weak rotary vibration,and adopts double row clearance-eliminating gear to ensure transmission accuracy.

-The method of man-imitating transplanting is used to achieve high precision transplanting, no drifting and no inverted seedling.

-The bowl raised blanket seedling is able to be transplanted in two types, two kinds of seedling trays can be planted accurately.

-Equipped with ultra durable stainless steel seedling needle, service life is more than 400 hours.

-The rotary box is equipped with refueling nozzle, which is convenient and quick to maintain and effectively improve the service life.

Equipped with advanced seedling carrier automatic balance control system, the response time is shorter than the traditional automatic balance control system, faster action adjustment, and the depth of transplanting seedlings is consistent and the quality of transplanting seedlings is improved when the operation of fields with different depth and depth.

Equipped with stainless steel seedling presser, high strength, anti-deformation, even pressure seedlings, no arch seedlings.

Easy walk on wet fields

-Configure anti-trap gear, the torque of the whole machine is larger when the anti-trap gear is used, also can better walk through a more sunken place and pass a higher.

-Using hydraulic power steering, short turning radius, turning rounds quickly and conveniently at the both ends of field, and the operation is easy and efficien. ridge, which effectively improves the efficiency.

-High ground clearance, at the same time it equipped with 950 mm large diameter rear wheel with good weight bearing capacity and field passing ability.

-The speed control handle laid on the right side is more meeting with the user manipulation habit.


Structural Enhancement and Reliable Operations

-The front and rear bridges adopt high-strength cast iron parts, which increase the strength of the whole machine and seedling load capacity. Front and rear wheel drive gear increase modulus, with high impact resistance and high bearing capacity.

-Using imported HST oil pump, high reliability and stability.

-The newly designed high-strength four-link lifter, and equipped with oil injection nozzle to greatly improve durability and effectively reduce wear.

-The carrier platform adopts the new optimized aluminum material frame structure, which is not easy to deform and the structure is more stable.

-Integral frame with good drag resistance.

Technology First and Service Users

-Selected China BeiDou Navigation auxiliary driving device, accurate positioning, keeping seedling transplanting straightness, saving labor and especially suitable for large field transplanting operation.

-Selected the equipment of side deep fertilization device to meet the needs of field fertilization, stepless adjustment of fertilizer, high adjustment accuracy, and the combination of any number of rows of fertilizer can be realized.Compared with the traditional fertilization method, the amount of side deep fertilization is less, which is saving fertilizer and environmental protection.

-The whole machine pedal has been widened, which increasing the operation space of the seedling adding person, meanwhile more seedlings can be loaded.

-Optional leveling roller device, which can effectively level the rutting and field mud block to ensure consistent depth of transplanting. Equipped with LED working lights to ensure efficient walk and operation at night .




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