Hand-held Step-forward Transplanter

Changfa bowl raised blanket seedling universal hand-held rice transplanter, equipped with Yamaha gasoline engine, has reliable quality and abundant power; fast planting speed, good planting effect, and bowl raised blanket seedlings can be accurately planted; large wheel diameter, good anti-sagging effect, strong ability to pass the field ridge, adaptable to various wet and muddy fields. It is an ideal model for rice planting operations.



Surging power and efficient operation

-Equipped with Yamaha 3.5kW gasoline engine (6-row) and 2.6kW gasoline engine (4-row), which has strong power and high reliability. (Optional domestic engine)

-Equipped with 4L large-capacity fuel tank, which has long working time and high operation efficiency. 64mm
large-diameter fueling filler makes it more convenient to add fuel.

Plant precisely with excellent result

-It is a universal model that can be precisely planted in the bowl raised blanket seedlings.

-Optimize the position of the planting arm and the balance of the whole machine to ensure that the deviation of the planting depth is within 5mm, and the planting will not float or fall.

-It is equipped with ultra-durable stainless steel seedling needles with a service life of up to 400 hours. The seedling needle installation bolts are made of special materials for easy maintenance.

-Wide seedling needle, wide seedling door, large amount of extracting seedlings.

-The embedded oil seal design of the planting arm increases the service life of the oil seal by 80%.

-The balance board adopts high-performance metal materials to ensure a whole balance and achieve consistent planting depth in uneven fields.

-The bevel gear adopts military cold extrusion process, which results in the performance is more strengthened, the effect is more reliable, and the life is more than 1500 hours.

Easy operation and reliable structure

-Adopt Φ660mm large-diameter wheels, it has good passability in wet and muddy fields, hexagonal axle design,easy disassembly and assembly, and reliable walking.

-Adopt reinforced Φ6mm diameter control rod, the strength is increased by 30%.

-The key bearing adopts imported parts, and the service life is increased by 100%.The gearbox and other casting aluminum parts adopt special anti-corrosion technology, and the corrosion resistance is improved by 100%.

-The rising height of the whole machine is 450mm, which has good adaptability to wet and muddy fields.

-Stepless mobile preparatory seedling tray makes it more convenient to extract seedlings.

-The wheel drive shaft oil seal designed and made of special materials has a service life of 500 hours without leakage.

-The multi-function control panel is convenient and comfortable to operate.

-The shift fork is upgraded, each gear is clear and reliable. Adopt enlarged rubber handle, which makes it feel good.

-The height of the handle is adjustable which makes operator more comfortable.

-Equipped with 3 types of horizontal seedling extraction gears and 9-stage vertical seedling extraction adjustment gears, with a wide adjustment range of extracting seedling.

-Adopt reinforced planting depth adjustment handle,the strength is increase by 50%.

-Install anti-collision guardrail to avoid guide rail deformation due to impact.






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